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At Inesmec we work to offer engineering solutions adapted to your project’s needs; thanks to our professional team, we can provide you with integral engineering services. If you’re thinking about hiring an outsourcing service for your engineering department, we have first-rate professionals who will guarantee quality results for your projects.

Thanks to the experience of our professional team, we can offer you a reliable 3D modelling service for both metal and concrete structures. Similarly, and adapting to the needs of each case, we tackle structural calculation projects with full guarantees. At Inesmec we produce customised work with any technical documentation for your engineering department.


Our proven experience in handling projects for metal structures means that we can draw up customised action plans. Our team makes a preliminary study of every case in order to be able to provide advice on and accompany the project from the design to its production. For structural engineering we work with TEKLA Structures and Autodesk Revit software, two guarantees of quality for the design of BIM models.

Engineering services for metal and concrete structures
Engineering services for concrete structures


Like in our engineering service for metal structures, 3D modelling with TEKLA Structures enables us to obtain designs which are real and completely valid as a reference. We therefore optimise the time taken for the complete design of concrete structures either on-site, prefabricated, or combining the two.


We take great care with every process carried out in regard to the advanced calculation of metal structures, the calculation of bolted and welded joints, and the calculation of reinforced concrete structures. Our experience and work with IDEA Statica® software for the design and verification of any steel joint means that we can offer precise results and guarantees. We also analyse stress and deformation, as well as the resistance of the joints in the actual design.

We produce the structural calculations and design for bolted and welded metal joints, as well as the calculation of concrete structures