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Versatility is undoubtedly one of our distinguishing features. Proof of this is our ability to adapt to industries as different as the machine tool, automotive and iron & steel sectors, among others. We also design capital goods and special machines for different sectors.

Design of industrial machinery for the machine tool, automotive or iron & steel sectors, as well as for the capital goods sector


The speed and experience of our 3D modelling service enables us to optimise processes for the design and assembly of your machine tool. The experience of our professional team in compiling and analysing technical documentation is undoubtedly another of the keys to understanding the success of our machine tool design work.

Integral mechanical design of automatic and semi-automatic lines
Capital goods design projects
Engineering projects for capital goods


The multi-sectoral nature of our technical team is an essential part of our unique and dependable approach to the development of every capital goods project we tackle. Each project is unique, as is our work to develop it.

Mechanical engineering projects for the automotive sector


We produce the integral mechanical design of automatic and semi-automatic lines and can also adapt functioning lines for the leading production lines in the automotive sector. Our know-how and extensive experience in the design of assembly lines are key to understanding our ability to tackle projects in a sector with high demands in regard to its quality standards.

Mechanical engineering for automotive projects
Mechanical engineering projects for aeronautics
Mechanical engineering for aeronautics projects


We offer guarantees when it comes to covering any engineering services required by the aeronautics sector. Our commitment to innovation and experience in the field of structural calculation, as well as in 3D modelling and dealing with technical documentation, means that we can offer the aeronautics sector quality engineering services.

Mechanical engineering for iron and steel projects


More than a decade working on the design of equipment for metallurgical plants is one of our best recommendations in the iron and steel sector. We can provide advanced technologies and engineering services for steel. At Inesmec we offer innovative and integrated solutions for complete process areas. We therefore work from the conceptual phase to the actual development of the design, including basic and detailed engineering.

Mechanical engineering projects for the iron and steel sector