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We demonstrate our experience and passion for mechanical engineering in every project. At Inesmec we offer you the services of a team specialised in engineering and designing machines for any sector; from the machine tool, automotive and aeronautics sectors, to mechanical engineering projects for renewable energies.

We provide a complete process of advice and development both in the design of mechanisms and in detailed engineering. Our machinery design professionals have proven experience in the field of industrial automation and robotics. This background gives us a wide-reaching vision in the application of industry 4.0 mechanical engineering.

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Mechanical design Mechanical analysis Industrial automation Special machines

The present and future of industry 4.0 depends on the constant internal updating of both means and training. At Inesmec we have approached the fourth industrial revolution as a natural process of development where we have a great deal to contribute from the point of view of mechanical engineering. We work on each project with very high standards, applying our knowledge in robotics and experience in industrial automation.

The search for new challenges, an innovative vocation and our experience have prompted us to include additive manufacturing as a distinguishing process in our mechanical engineering projects. 3D printing has enormously changed the industrial manufacturing panorama, and at Inesmec we closely follow its progress, applying it to our mechanical engineering processes.


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