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Outsourcing services for mechanical engineering projects and structural engineering projects


One of the core pillars of our engineering services company philosophy is to provide solutions adapted to the needs of every project. The versatility of our team and proven experience of more than 10 years in the services engineering sector has enabled us to perfect our working methodology, streamline manufacturing processes and expand our range of possibilities.

Thus, as well as the services of our technical office to develop your project, at Inesmec we offer you the possibility of outsourcing your engineering department. We tackle specific projects which, for strategic reasons, you need to work on from your own company, offering you all of our engineering experience. We provide the services of our professionals, as well as the equipment and software licences necessary to complete the project with full guarantees.

Our capacity to tackle any kind of project is endorsed by a multidisciplinary and versatile professional team with work experience in different sectors. We also offer your project the very best of design and calculation systems, always at the cutting edge of technology and with updated software licences.

Completely outsource your engineering department; we include the software licences for your engineering project