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Inesmec is a structural and mechanical engineering company located in Hernani


Inesmec was born from our passion for design and the need to offer innovative and quality engineering adapted to the requirements of every company. More than a decade offering our Studio Design engineering services nationally and internationally is the best assurance for our customers.

The growth we have experienced as a structural and mechanical engineering services company specialised in modelling has led us to grow and tackle important international engineering projects in recent years. Thanks to our multidisciplinary team we can offer a specialist mechanical engineering service in machinery design for industries ranging from the machine tool to the special machines sector.

Our commitment to remaining at the forefront means that we always work with the latest versions of the best calculation and design systems, making all of our means available for your project. We firmly believe in the importance of offering our customers both quality results and cutting-edge means for their project.

A large part of our success lies in the strong pledge to our traceability and work methodology. We are committed to a relationship of trust with our customers based on the key aspects of our work philosophy as a team. A reactive attitude which streamlines processes while taking a meticulous approach to every process means that we can achieve excellent results. Adapting to every project and constantly striving to stay at the forefront are also important values of our brand.