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Our versatility for tackling any kind of structural engineering enables us to address projects in very different sectors and to adapt the work processes to the needs of each case.

Engineering of industrial, oil-gas, mining and architectural structures


Our high standards mean that we can tackle engineering projects in different areas of the industrial sector with full guarantees. Effectiveness, reliability and progress in the design and execution of engineering work for modern and innovative installations are the key to our success. We provide structural engineering services and advice to our customers throughout the design and production process.

Industrial sector engineering projects
Structural engineering projects for the oil & gas sector
Engineering projects for petrochemical plants, gas pipelines and processing plants


At Inesmec we work integrally on any structural engineering project for the oil & gas sector; petrochemical plants, gas pipelines and processing plants, among others. Our professional team studies the viability of the project, looking in each case at the options best adapted to the needs of the project in order to offer the very best of structural engineering services for oil & gas sector facilities.

Structural engineering projects for mining


We address every structural engineering project for the mining sector with the conviction of offering a totally personalised and unique service. Our professional team makes a feasibility study of every project to ensure its viability, as well as establishing guarantees focussed on optimising the production stages of the facilities.

Structural engineering projects for the mining sector
Structural engineering projects for unique buildings
Engineering for architectural projects at international level


Thanks to our extensive experience in structural engineering for unique buildings, we have worked on myriad architectural projects around the world. We believe in bold and functional structural engineering. We have worked with projects involving complex geometric shapes. At the end of the day, modern civil engineering with guarantees. Our team studies each individual case and offers customised structural engineering services.